Jan 26, 2009

ask me, ask me, ask me...

i didn't start this blog with the intention of it being about me (personally), i was looking at it as more of an outlet for my " angry" alter ego, As i continue blogging and tweeting (or would it be twittering?) i have met some great people :) and i get asked quite a few of questions like:

how old are you?

what do you do for a living?
where do you live?
why are you so angry?
are you gay?
whose side are on anyway?
do you use the word faggot in your everyday life?

so i have decided to answer all your questions...
so add a comment with your question or email me your question angryfggt@gmail.com

"If it's not love
then it's the bomb
then it's the bomb
that will bring us together ..."

Jan 25, 2009

movie: before the devil knows you're dead

i just finished watching before the devil knows you're dead, i remember reading about the movie and it was on my netflix for a long time.. just never got around to watching it... i remember @postgay recommending the flick ... he thought i'd enjoy philip seymour hoffman's ass in action, as much as he did. that was not the case, i must admit i though he was in better shape in this film.

i recommend this movie to anyone who hasn't seen it yet...

i also loved the little gay upscale heroin dealer, he is so cute in his slik kimonos with his gun...
i tried to find a picture ,but i couldn't find one.
you also get to see ethan hawkes ass, which is not bad.
overall indie, sick, and twisted ... just how i like em

here's the trailer

like the new look?

i've been so uninspired, so sick and tired lately... it's fucking ridiculous.
so i thought i'd change up the blog i wasn't really digging the other template...
i should really learn some html , anyway i like this look for the moment being let me know what you think ;)

Jan 5, 2009

what are you wearing?


what are you wearing? and why? true religion jeans, seriously? can you tell i'm not a big fan? it's 2k9 i was hoping people would be over theses monstrosities like 4 years ago ( i never cared for them and found them extremely tacky) ... still i see a douchebag bro, a flaming queer, or a overseas tourist wearing these...
i don't understand!

just STOP!