May 15, 2009

my new obsession: MALUCA


if you haven’t heard of her, you will. before monday i had not heard of her either, i had planned to go to one of my favorite destinations on monday nites in downtown la (mustache) with a friend. besides having awesome music mustache also presents an array of performance artist, singers, dancers, drag queens, lets just say performers of all types. i was checking out flyer for the event and headlining was maluca, decided to look her up… found out she is from nyc and she has a single out produced by diplo. i was intrigued and had to listen to it.
the single is called “el tigreaso” (which you can listen to below)

which i loved!!! i was excited to see her perform. unfortunately she only performed 2 songs i believe (i had one to many drinks) i had to go up to her and tell her that i loved her, she was a doll and super sweet. she also took a picture with us. she also let us know that she was going to be playing the day after at another bar in la.
day after decided that we loved maluca so much that we had to see her last performance in la. we left my place around 10pm it takes us about 35-45 minutes to get to la… well it took us 2 hours… partly my fault, partly not…
one there was traffic
two we missed the freeway
three the freeway on the opposite direction was closed so we had to do a detour
and lastly we made a wrong turn and ended up in a not so pretty side of town.
finally we made it to the sliver platter found parking a few blocks up
walking up to the club and we see maluca standing outside, we’re both hoping that she hasn’t played yet.
we went up to her and say hello and ask her if she’d played yet, she said no that she had been waiting for friend called her a ”mentirosa” (liar in spanish) we all laughed.
we went on to tell her that it took us 2 hours to get there, she was very thankful that we’d do that just to see her. and told us she’d make it worth it, and she did she performed i believe it was about 4 or 5 numbers. she went all out, i can’t wait for a single or ep from her!


**photos were taken by me ;)

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May 5, 2009


#tuggabletuesday is a tag started by @postgay on twitter a while back. it's a tag i use weekly... and every week i have to explain #tuggabletuesday a few times so i decided to write this.

tuggable - someone who is attractive or interesting enough to be considered worthy of a tug job.

so on tuesadays pick followers that you find "highly tuggable" and give them a #tuggabletuesday shout out and maybe you'll get one back!