Nov 27, 2009


I've moved over to Tumblr.

Sep 27, 2009

Lastnite: society

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I just recently got an iPhone I downloaded this app to see if I can do some "mobile blogging" let's see if it works..

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it's been a while...

i've neglected this blog for awhile. i've been busy with school and work... i haven't made an effort to keep up with this,but moving forward i hope to keep on blogging. Even if no one reads it, i really enjoy blogging for myself. well, that's all for now ;)

Aug 11, 2009

lucky to be alive ;)

what remained of my car... i'll tell you all what happened later, i'm sick of telling the story.
I'm just glad that @cakeface1 and i are okay :)

Jul 26, 2009

people you should follow on twitter: Wolf Hudson

if you have to ask why, then you are probably blind ...
follow @WolfHudson
you won't regret it!

Jul 5, 2009

half truth

hello i know its been a while since i posted something on here, but i've been busy with school and work, anyway i got an email from a follower on twitter a i thought i'd take the chance to use my blog for something positive and help someone out who has a chance at doing something wonderful... here the email below :

Hey there.

I'm one of your followers on twitter. I'm a gay filmmaker in LA and am a semifinalist in the Netflix Find Your Voice Competition. I'm reaching out to other creative types like you to join our efforts to win this competition. Here's the info.

Film Independent (FIND) and Netflix are co-sponsoring the Netflix/FIND Your Voice Competition in which the winning filmmaker will receive a $350,000 prize package to direct his/her first feature film. There were 2000 entries and 10 of us were chosen as semi-finalists. Please go to:

and check out my teaser trailer for HALF TRUTH. Vote 5 stars (or whatever you deem appropriate) and please tweet about it today. VOTING ENDS TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT. The top 5 projects will move to the final round.

You can also vote again within Facebook at:

HALF TRUTH is a project that I have been workshopping for 2 years. It's about an outcast gay teen in the rural south on a journey to find his voice. If you enjoy the trailer, please pass along. Thanks much!

All the best.

so go ahead and watch the clip bleow and vote for half truth by Wade.
thanks ;)

Jun 13, 2009

the gossip - heavy cross

May 15, 2009

my new obsession: MALUCA


if you haven’t heard of her, you will. before monday i had not heard of her either, i had planned to go to one of my favorite destinations on monday nites in downtown la (mustache) with a friend. besides having awesome music mustache also presents an array of performance artist, singers, dancers, drag queens, lets just say performers of all types. i was checking out flyer for the event and headlining was maluca, decided to look her up… found out she is from nyc and she has a single out produced by diplo. i was intrigued and had to listen to it.
the single is called “el tigreaso” (which you can listen to below)

which i loved!!! i was excited to see her perform. unfortunately she only performed 2 songs i believe (i had one to many drinks) i had to go up to her and tell her that i loved her, she was a doll and super sweet. she also took a picture with us. she also let us know that she was going to be playing the day after at another bar in la.
day after decided that we loved maluca so much that we had to see her last performance in la. we left my place around 10pm it takes us about 35-45 minutes to get to la… well it took us 2 hours… partly my fault, partly not…
one there was traffic
two we missed the freeway
three the freeway on the opposite direction was closed so we had to do a detour
and lastly we made a wrong turn and ended up in a not so pretty side of town.
finally we made it to the sliver platter found parking a few blocks up
walking up to the club and we see maluca standing outside, we’re both hoping that she hasn’t played yet.
we went up to her and say hello and ask her if she’d played yet, she said no that she had been waiting for friend called her a ”mentirosa” (liar in spanish) we all laughed.
we went on to tell her that it took us 2 hours to get there, she was very thankful that we’d do that just to see her. and told us she’d make it worth it, and she did she performed i believe it was about 4 or 5 numbers. she went all out, i can’t wait for a single or ep from her!


**photos were taken by me ;)

add me on

May 5, 2009


#tuggabletuesday is a tag started by @postgay on twitter a while back. it's a tag i use weekly... and every week i have to explain #tuggabletuesday a few times so i decided to write this.

tuggable - someone who is attractive or interesting enough to be considered worthy of a tug job.

so on tuesadays pick followers that you find "highly tuggable" and give them a #tuggabletuesday shout out and maybe you'll get one back!

Apr 21, 2009

sagging seriously???

so i remember when i was younger like late elementary school or early middle school there was this whole sagging phenomenon. it was the thing to do at the time, and it was banned at schools. i remember some states even tried to have it outlawed. i never fell into this "fad" i thought it was stupid... so i was on campus earlier today and saw that a bunch of guys at my college are still sagging... WTF? seriously?

Apr 20, 2009

i <3 colbert

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Apr 16, 2009

have you seen this??

now see this one...

i quit my job today

so i had been unemployed for a while found a job at h&m which i loved,hated the hours and lack of. decided to leave after 5 months ,i felt stuck and didn’t want to be doing retail for the rest of my life… my background is mainly banking & customer service call centers…

so for about a month and a half i looked and looked, and i got a call back from one of the hundreds of places i had applied at. i scheduled an interviewed the position stated i’d be working in an inbound call center and i would be a customer service rep, not my favorite position but hey it’s a job, right?? then i was told that i was hired as long as i passed the training and passed an assessment. i was told that depending on my test score i’d be getting first dibs on the schedule of my choice.
wow! this all sounds too good to be true.

and it was….
so i started on a monday, first thing that i noticed was shady was that they hired 20 people. odd, right??
moving on…
we start training and we’re going on and on about everything except what the company does or what our jobs consist of … hmmm i should have left then.
so our trainer tells us we are a lead generations company.
wtf is lead generations???
so i goggle lead generations … it’s a marketing term…
so i am still unsure of what we really do..
he goes on to say that we are an all inbound call center…
but some of our calls maybe unwanted… what??

so what they do is they use a voice over to call people
and if they are interested you press one and if you are not you press two..
it’s regarding auto warranties…
omfg i’ve gotten these effing calls!!!

you won’t imagine how many people press one just to bitch you out.
i took 400 calls a day, 95% of the calls were unpleasant

so this job was no more than telemarketing. i tried so hard to do it, just because it was a job and i need the $$$… i did it for a total of 60 hours, after my 3rd hour today i went up to my supervisor and told her i was done, filled out some paperwork and left. out of the 20 people i started with only 9 remain.

this is pretty much what i did... i wish i had talked to this guy we could have had some funn ;)

hanging with @postgay

this is not made up as we were driving around my friend calls and asks me to pick him up from jail..

Mar 12, 2009


i've been really lazy and haven't had much to say lately ...
i changed the look again, and i am still not happy with the outcome :(
so you will probably see it change soon...
oh! one thing i should have blogged about... that i was excited about :)
was that a while back ,my google ad thing on the sidebar was for MORRISSEY'S new cd " years of refusal"...
here's a pic i took a screen shot.. lol

Feb 4, 2009

things that str8 boys like vol. 01 : beer pong

beer pong
why? can someone explain to me why str8 guys love beer pong?

still don't get the fun... i guess i just like to get fucked up without having to play a game, and i don't like beer... vodka, porfavor! :)

Jan 26, 2009

ask me, ask me, ask me...

i didn't start this blog with the intention of it being about me (personally), i was looking at it as more of an outlet for my " angry" alter ego, As i continue blogging and tweeting (or would it be twittering?) i have met some great people :) and i get asked quite a few of questions like:

how old are you?

what do you do for a living?
where do you live?
why are you so angry?
are you gay?
whose side are on anyway?
do you use the word faggot in your everyday life?

so i have decided to answer all your questions...
so add a comment with your question or email me your question

"If it's not love
then it's the bomb
then it's the bomb
that will bring us together ..."

Jan 25, 2009

movie: before the devil knows you're dead

i just finished watching before the devil knows you're dead, i remember reading about the movie and it was on my netflix for a long time.. just never got around to watching it... i remember @postgay recommending the flick ... he thought i'd enjoy philip seymour hoffman's ass in action, as much as he did. that was not the case, i must admit i though he was in better shape in this film.

i recommend this movie to anyone who hasn't seen it yet...

i also loved the little gay upscale heroin dealer, he is so cute in his slik kimonos with his gun...
i tried to find a picture ,but i couldn't find one.
you also get to see ethan hawkes ass, which is not bad.
overall indie, sick, and twisted ... just how i like em

here's the trailer

like the new look?

i've been so uninspired, so sick and tired lately... it's fucking ridiculous.
so i thought i'd change up the blog i wasn't really digging the other template...
i should really learn some html , anyway i like this look for the moment being let me know what you think ;)

Jan 5, 2009

what are you wearing?


what are you wearing? and why? true religion jeans, seriously? can you tell i'm not a big fan? it's 2k9 i was hoping people would be over theses monstrosities like 4 years ago ( i never cared for them and found them extremely tacky) ... still i see a douchebag bro, a flaming queer, or a overseas tourist wearing these...
i don't understand!

just STOP!