Jul 26, 2009

people you should follow on twitter: Wolf Hudson

if you have to ask why, then you are probably blind ...
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Jul 5, 2009

half truth

hello i know its been a while since i posted something on here, but i've been busy with school and work, anyway i got an email from a follower on twitter a i thought i'd take the chance to use my blog for something positive and help someone out who has a chance at doing something wonderful... here the email below :

Hey there.

I'm one of your followers on twitter. I'm a gay filmmaker in LA and am a semifinalist in the Netflix Find Your Voice Competition. I'm reaching out to other creative types like you to join our efforts to win this competition. Here's the info.

Film Independent (FIND) and Netflix are co-sponsoring the Netflix/FIND Your Voice Competition in which the winning filmmaker will receive a $350,000 prize package to direct his/her first feature film. There were 2000 entries and 10 of us were chosen as semi-finalists. Please go to:

and check out my teaser trailer for HALF TRUTH. Vote 5 stars (or whatever you deem appropriate) and please tweet about it today. VOTING ENDS TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT. The top 5 projects will move to the final round.

You can also vote again within Facebook at:

HALF TRUTH is a project that I have been workshopping for 2 years. It's about an outcast gay teen in the rural south on a journey to find his voice. If you enjoy the trailer, please pass along. Thanks much!

All the best.

so go ahead and watch the clip bleow and vote for half truth by Wade.
thanks ;)