Dec 31, 2008

singles/ songs of 2008

songs that i dug in 2k8, but albums didn't make my fav list... enjoy

chasing pavements - adele

black & gold – sam sparro

academia - sia

ce jeu yelle - yelle

keane – spiraling

i’m not going to teach your boyfriend how to dance with you – black kids

bruises – chairlift

move – css

carmencita – devendra banheart

mercy - duffy

pro nails – kid sister

smell yo dick – riskay

fave albums of 2008

my favorite albums of 2k8...
2k8 totally sucked, for me at least... for a number of reasons that i won't go into at the moment, anyway these albums helped me escape my reality... music= best therapy. its not a top 10 or 25 list. it's just my favorites it would take me a long time to decided which are better, and some you can't even compare so here they are:


morrissey - greatest hits
anything ever released by this man will always be on my list.
yeah... it's a greatest hits album and i have all these songs,
but it's fucking MORRISSEY!
like i always say, "most people pray to jesus, i pray to morrissey."

lykke li

lykke li – youth novels
prior to this year i had never heard of ms. li, this album is amazing.


hercules & the love affair - self titled
i heart me some antony ... so this was just fucking amazing!


conor oberst- self titled
i downloaded the album... and it took me a while to actually listen to it, but once i did i couldn't stop.

crystal castels

crystal castels – self titled
2 words electro - fab

girl talk

girl talk – feed the animals
you won't understand until you listen


she & him – volume one
i would go str8 for zooey... love this album <3>santogold

santogold – self titled
i had a raw version of the album that i loved, when the actual album was released i thought they over edited ... but i still loved it!


robyn – robyn
who would have thought she would make a comeback? well she did!


meiko – self titled (re-released)
i've seen her become an artist... met the girl a handful of times, very sweet.. just like her music. so glad she finally got signed!

eric hutchinson
eric hutchinson – sounds like this (re-released)
he also got signed! if you ever see him live he make the funniest facial expressions when singing .


the smiths - the sound of the smiths
i've already expressed my feelings for morrissey.. so ofcourse anything by the smiths would be on here too. no, i do not believe they will ever reunite.


vampire weekend – self titled
i bought this album because @postgay told me a should, great buy!


kylie minogue – x
best dance album! why didnt you tour the us?

lady gaga

lady gaga – the fame
after reading about her in w, i could not wait... worth the wait


natalie portman’s shaved head – glistening pleasure
i love natalie portman... so when i saw the name, i totally had to listen to it.. its a fun album!

Dec 27, 2008

angry rant: tom lykis

before today I had no idea who
tom lykis was … he has a radio talk show on 97.1 fm in the la. area.
So I heard part of his show today..

Anyway who the fuck listens to talk radio
middle aged men?
str8 men?
sexually frustrated men?
cab drivers?
blue collar working men?

All of the above

and apparently me…

not by choice… I’m working at a large mall and for the holiday season, the mall has all of the employees from every store at the mall park their cars about 3 miles away and we have shuttles that pick us up and drop us off… so lame..

so when i got off work today at 2pm i got in the shuttle and the driver is listening to talk radio… ( tom lykis)
and what are they talking about?
okay, cool…
the focus was on the boycotting of the restaurant “el coyote” in la.
if you don’t know what I am talking about goggle it , or stop reading..

Or here’s the gist :
The restaurant “el coyote” owner’s daughter marjorie christoffersen, who was the restaurant manager donated $100.00 to the YES on prop 8 campaign
word got out… and people have been protesting and boycotting the restaurant
she has stepped down from her position because of it.

So this tom lykis guy is telling the story… you can tell his stance on the issue right away it is very one sided and he goes on to say, but I was against prop 8,
just to make himself “ less bias” .. I think
so he starts taking calls, and all the calls he takes all agree with him… what a surprise!
these guys are calling the gay community childish
saying we are bullies for picking on a small business
most of them also saying that they were against prop 8, but now are for it…
isn’t that childish?

so while i am sitting in this shuttle i am heated, and about to brust … smoke is practically coming out of my ears… i so want to yell back, sooo bad!… grrrrrr, but I am in a shuttle with about 7 other mall employees so I kept it in.. while listing to all this bullshit…
so we arrive at our destination... as I walk out, i don’t know why but i looked at the radio station…so i get in my car, and what do I do?
i start continue to listen to it… but this time I could yell back!

i listen for another 15 minutes while driving home and the douchebag goes on to say he knows the owners and they are great people and they don’t deserve this… that we are picking on the wrong people.. that gay people who “might ” work there “could” be affected…

so i got home, goggled his ass… got his toll free # wanting to be a caller who did not agree with him… didn’t happen line was busy probably with more douchbags…

so here’s my point of view:
when you have a business, or you are a high ranking person in a business… whether it be big or small… you should think about the consequences before you make big decisions especially, when you are donating money to a proposition that will remove the rights of a group of people…a group of people who eat at your establishment!
you might say it was only $100.00, but where did that money come from???

you don’t bite the hand that feeds you, bitch!
they do have a right to boycott your ass, i know you are not the owner… your parents are but you are still a representative of the establishment

Dec 26, 2008

the word: faggot vol.01

word : faggot
pronunciation: \ˈfa-gət\

i’ve been both praised and chastised for using the name angry faggot on twitter, and i would like to begin a section in the blog dedicated to the word "faggot".
i would love for my readers and followers to help me by sending me your stories, essays, thoughts, or videos on
how they feel about the word faggot?
do you use it?
have you ever been called a faggot?
do you call yourself a faggot?
i want to want to hear what everyone has to say,
whether you are: gay, str8, bi, queer,lesbian,transgendered or anything else that you label yourself as.
i want to hear it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly!
it can be anonymous or not.
i will also be sharing my personal experiences and stories, so I hope to hear from you all. email me your submissions and suggestions to

heres a little video by hotforwords, that explains the word and history… even though I am a faggot I cannot stop looking at her boobs, they’re ginormus!

Dec 25, 2008

bah humbug.

funny pictures
more animals


i have been contemplating starting a blog for ages, with my endless bitchin' and whining my excuse for not starting one had been i didn't have a name for it. a valid excuse I must add, but with the help of my fellow comrades… they suggested the name “angry gay guy”. i was fond the idea for a sec… then i thought I would go take it a little further and give it some shock value. angry gay guy is a little to “pc” for my taste. don't you think? so I went with angry faggot. my inspiration also came from mr. dan savage, the sex columnist... until 1999 they would address him as "hey faggot" in his nationally syndicated column savage love. .. anyway enough rambling …
i ‘m not really sure what direction i will be taking this blog into, but stay tuned and you’ll find out.

---adios for now queers