Feb 4, 2009

things that str8 boys like vol. 01 : beer pong

beer pong
why? can someone explain to me why str8 guys love beer pong?

still don't get the fun... i guess i just like to get fucked up without having to play a game, and i don't like beer... vodka, porfavor! :)


Jere Keys said...

Well, if they played strip beer pong, I might be more interested:
(NSFW obviously)

Kameshvari said...

You know, I never understood the appeal either. In fact. I find it to be rather dirty and disgusting. In florida it's the *BIG THING* at bars. (I used to work as a manager/photog/booking-agent for local bands and we actually had a venue close its doors to us because beer pong brought in more customers than the music.)

I've never played it, but, as usual I studied it and...found it kinda gross. Especially at the one bar I worked at because I *knew* how dirty the floor was and the ping pong ball would be bouncing around on the floor... but of course they'd wash it off in the little cup of water...which was never changed so basically you were just marinating it in floor dirt.
*laughs* Yes, I don't know...it doesn't seem like something anyone should enjoy.
Though I think the one perk about bars here beer pong is free (sometimes, depending on cover charge, or if they're begging people to play) so I guess free beer is a plus, then again, one never really got more than a cup anyway.

Paul Pincus said...

; )