Apr 16, 2009

i quit my job today

so i had been unemployed for a while found a job at h&m which i loved,hated the hours and lack of. decided to leave after 5 months ,i felt stuck and didn’t want to be doing retail for the rest of my life… my background is mainly banking & customer service call centers…

so for about a month and a half i looked and looked, and i got a call back from one of the hundreds of places i had applied at. i scheduled an interviewed the position stated i’d be working in an inbound call center and i would be a customer service rep, not my favorite position but hey it’s a job, right?? then i was told that i was hired as long as i passed the training and passed an assessment. i was told that depending on my test score i’d be getting first dibs on the schedule of my choice.
wow! this all sounds too good to be true.

and it was….
so i started on a monday, first thing that i noticed was shady was that they hired 20 people. odd, right??
moving on…
we start training and we’re going on and on about everything except what the company does or what our jobs consist of … hmmm i should have left then.
so our trainer tells us we are a lead generations company.
wtf is lead generations???
so i goggle lead generations … it’s a marketing term…
so i am still unsure of what we really do..
he goes on to say that we are an all inbound call center…
but some of our calls maybe unwanted… what??

so what they do is they use a voice over to call people
and if they are interested you press one and if you are not you press two..
it’s regarding auto warranties…
omfg i’ve gotten these effing calls!!!

you won’t imagine how many people press one just to bitch you out.
i took 400 calls a day, 95% of the calls were unpleasant

so this job was no more than telemarketing. i tried so hard to do it, just because it was a job and i need the $$$… i did it for a total of 60 hours, after my 3rd hour today i went up to my supervisor and told her i was done, filled out some paperwork and left. out of the 20 people i started with only 9 remain.

this is pretty much what i did... i wish i had talked to this guy we could have had some funn ;)


dumbwhore said...

Depending on the company, the one you worked at may be breaking a crap ton of laws. One of them keeps calling mobile devices(completely illegal) and is committing credit card fraud(obviously illegal).

Anyhow, I don't blame you for quitting. Those places are awful. And not just from the get go, they go through periods where they get hideously bad.

Nonya said...

Aye! I don't blame you one bit for leaving. My first ever "call center" was for a lawn care place. We made outbound calls giving them the bullshit line that "A truck will be in your area tomorrow, would you like them to stop at your house and give you a free lawn analysis?"
They either hung up, or chewed me out. We didn't even have computers! We had oldschool dox matrix dual color spreadsheet paper, and then a tally sheet for all of our responses. I got chewed out by the manager on my first day, and never went back.

Xtian said...

Oh God, you just reminded me my first "real" job, the one I took to pay for my education...

It wasn't that bad for me to be honest, but obviously I saw it as a "transition" job to get my degree, it payed good and the hours were flexible BUT still a shitty ass experience.

A Strange Boy said...

I'm still in the midst of call centre hell. I live in a city with a lot of call centers and have been at my current job for three and a half years. I'm ready to leave but I don't know what else I can do with a sociology degree. In any case I know I'll have to move, preferably to a more gay friendly city.

There are so many reasons I want to get out. I see so many people who have put up with this crap for 5-10 years; not because they enjoy it but because they're so resigned to this being their lot in life and that it can't get any better. The company shuffles people from program to program when contracts end so they don't have to lay people off (because they don't want people to have an option to get unemployment benefits).

The stories I've heard from co-workers are appalling: one was denied time off for a doctor's appointment when she was pregnant and she lost the baby. Another was denied early leave when she was notified her father or father-in-law was slipping away fast. Another quit because she was not able to see her kids to the point she was going to lose custody of them, and they still refused to take her off night shift.

I'm just sick of all the bullshit there. I want to get out before my mind completes its transformation into cabbage.

Darkfaerie129 said...

well, i have to admit something. We got those calls a few times a week at our office. My co-workers transfer them to me, and I press one and lead the caller on and prank them. I try to see how quick they figure it out...

It gives me a laugh, but now i feel bad! (ok, maybe just a little)